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Leadership Essay

It is interesting that Rost, along with a number of other academicians, seeks to abandon the concept of the individual leader in favor of a more collective process.  The leadership position is notoriously vulnerable, certainly, and it seems likely that many instances of poor leadership as practiced by individuals encourage a desire to look elsewhere … Continued

More Than Racism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Introduction Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is usually seen as a modern classic, as well as one telling two different kinds of stories.  On one hand, it is a coming-of-age story. The reader grows up with Scout and Jem Finch, seeing the world through their eyes as they face new and scary realities.  At … Continued

Civil Rights Issues

The civil rights issue is an evolving problem in American society and it can be seen in how different aspects of it have emerged in different decades.  The mid-20th century is usually perceived as the beginning of all civil rights awareness nationally, and this is largely due to the immense movement of the African-American population … Continued

Repair Through Refining: Systems to End Prison Overcrowding

Introduction To view the problem of prison overcrowding as a distinct or separate issue within the criminal justice system is to ignore its vast effect.  Overcrowding in prisons is by no means an ancillary difficulty among many because its existence undermines every intent of the system itself.  It promotes criminality within the prisons by placing … Continued

Training versus Education

In basic terms, training and education differ in one, generally accepted respect:  training tends to go to the acquisition of a specific kind of knowledge, and education is viewed as a larger arena.  The difference relies on the context used, to an extent. More exactly, in a variety of specific fields, the two terms are … Continued