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Have you ever stared at a blank document, not knowing where to start with your paper? We know that feeling of discontent and confusion. That is why our team has created a samples and examples page at You should only use this page for research purposes and formatting guidance. All papers have been published as samples, solely for demonstration. If you’re stuck with your essay, feel free to use this collection of assignments for reference. Just choose a topic you are interested in and get a free paper example.

Human Resource Management in Singapore

Human resources are the backbone of every organization; without them, an organization would likely find it challenging to maintain and retain its team members. Recently, human resource management has become one of the central concerns in management and organizational behavior, as well as in the minds of many managers around the world (Wilton, 2022). This […]

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“Does age-related mortality explain the life history strategies of tropical and temperate songbirds?” The history tries to elaborate on reasons why species numbers differ from that of the offspring. For example, in the history of the evolution of tropical songbirds, they seem to develop at the same rate as those of the temperate type. However, […]

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Introduction The primary objective of my thesis, The Spirituality of Water, is to explore the ways in which human beings have approached both the meaning and the nature of water using a spiritual perspective. This is shown by the unique and distinctive ways in which different cultures have continued to use water throughout their rituals […]

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Family Nurse Practitioner MSN Application

I believe that nursing entails responsibility for continued patient care, including the dying, disabled, injured, and the sick; it encourages communities, families, and individuals by providing a medical setting. Nurses have the primary role of being actively linked to patient care, patient advocacy, policy deliberations, management, and healthcare research. Nurses with advanced studies assume the […]

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Current Civil Rights Issues today in America – 2020

The civil rights issue is an evolving problem in American society and it can be seen in how different aspects of it have emerged in different decades.  The mid-20th century is usually perceived as the beginning of all civil rights awareness nationally, and this is largely due to the immense movement of the African-American population […]

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Racism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Introduction Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is usually seen as a modern classic, as well as one telling two different kinds of stories.  On one hand, it is a coming-of-age story. The reader grows up with Scout and Jem Finch, seeing the world through their eyes as they face new and scary realities.  At […]

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