Family Nurse Practitioner MSN Application

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I believe that nursing entails responsibility for continued patient care, including the dying, disabled, injured, and the sick; it encourages communities, families, and individuals by providing a medical setting. Nurses have the primary role of being actively linked to patient care, patient advocacy, policy deliberations, management, and healthcare research. Nurses with advanced studies assume the single role of providing healthcare specialty services and primary aid to patients, families, and the community. 

Similarly, the MSN will offer me a chance to be a nurse educator, which will help in mentoring new nurses and positively impact the nursing program while playing vital roles in continuous care in the universe. Also, an MSN will equip me with outstanding expertise and skills. A Master’s degree provides a comprehensive knowledge of medicine due to an intense course. I can study FNP, my area of interest, and work towards home care settings to improve healthcare. Likewise, having an MSN will prepare me for a doctorate as part of continuing my nursing education.

I chose to specialize in Family Nurse Practitioner since it increases professional care and flexibility. I can utilize skills to treat patients from illness to recovery. As an FNP, I have access to medical history, diagnosis, test orders, and admitting patients if required, which improves patient care and reduces medical expenses. An FNP fills the gap in rising job markets in the provision of primary care. There is increased autonomy due to growth in responsibility. An FNP works without supervision but has a broader scope of practice and additional license of operation. Similarly, I can provide preventive and primary care while making a difference for patients since FNPs provide maintenance throughout a patient’s lifespan.

Caring for my grandmother with pancreatic cancer, my father with idiopathic lung disease, and my niece suffering from birth trauma were the basis of the need to be a family nurse practitioner. Being a natural caregiver to family members became a natural progression in the career path to practice the healing power of touch, compassion, and empathy.

By the end of the academic course, I expect to demonstrate additional knowledge of how a Family Nurse Practitioner works and expertise in medical fields such as unreserved and rural areas, systems, and families. I expect to utilize communication, observation, medical examination, patient care, research, consultancy, leadership, advocacy, and practical care to improve patient healthcare and quality of life. I should employ diagnostic reasoning and critical thinking skills to boost health care, manage illness and reduce risks. I should demonstrate the role of accountability and responsibility in advanced nursing practice. Being a Family Nurse Practitioner is my identity, as it is my basis for providing care to family members and serving the community.


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