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A thesis proposal is one of the first and most important steps in your graduate studies. It is for the reason that the committee determines whether to accept your thesis or not based on the quality of your submitted proposal. Keep in mind that your instructors and supervisors have very high expectations for your thesis proposal and that is why your work needs to be flawless and well-written. You can always rely on our thesis proposal writing service in case you have difficulties and need professional assistance.

EssayBox.orghas a team of skilled and proficient writers, who specialize in proposal writing and will structure your thesis proposal according to the following format:

  • abstract
  • introduction
  • methodology
  • theoretical issues
  • conclusions
  • proposal summary
  • bibliography

Once you get your proposal clearly defined and organized, you will be ready to move on to the next step, which implies writing the thesis. Your proposal will serve you as a guide, defining all the key elements, which will be a great deal of help during your thesis writing. Our writers at EssayBox.orgwill create a proposal that will be:

  • well-organized with a logical flow of ideas concise
  • proofread by a number of our editors and experts

We will also make sure that your thesis proposalappears to be convincing to the committee and that your project turns out to be feasible and meets the following criteria:

  • has sufficient data and supporting materials
  • relates to an important field of study that should be researched
  • shows a set time frame for the project completion

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