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Research proposal writing is an important step in acquiring your degree. Every student has to go through writing a final paper, which will determine his/her future academic prospects. Here are some guidelines, suggestions and hints on how to complete this assignment. Prior to the main project it is important to introduce the research proposal. It must be persuasive and well-grounded in order to get validation from your supervisor. The quality of your work will influence the decision of the committee board whether to accept your topic or decline it. Research proposals should contain extensive reviews and offer the facts and arguments to support the research that will be conducted in your chosen filed of study. The main aim of your research proposal is to present a statement of the problem your are going to study. This makes a fundamental chunk of your research, which needs to be supported with methodology and literature reviews. The quality of your research proposal depends a great deal on the structuring. The writing should be coherent, clear and persuasive. The key to your success is having a good idea for your project. This will reflect how well you are familiar with the topic. This implies enormous efforts put into reading, observation, discussion and preparation.

    The proposal structure consists of the following elements:

  • the introduction
  • the literature review
  • research questions in detail
  • methodology
  • expected results
  • bibliography

Research proposal writing is a tricky task and most students have difficulties accomplishing its main points. Our team of writers and editors at EssayBox.orgwill make sure that your proposal is:

  • well-organized and structured
  • focused and coherent
  • cited with influential papers
  • critically evaluated and edited

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Keep in mind that your research proposal is vital in completing your dissertation. Here you show that you went through researching the literature available on your topic and how well you have conducted your own investigation. The whole writing process is very scrutinizing. That is why it is recommended to get professional research proposal help from knowledgeable specialists. Just contact EssayBox.organd we will be glad to help you overcome all the obstacles you face while writing. We will guide you through the whole process and make sure that you receive the best academic assistance from our team.

    The research proposal you get from will:

  • focus on the research question
  • provide befitting content
  • present all the contributions by other researches
  • demonstrate coherent and persuasive statements
  • follow your requested style (APA, MLA or others)

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