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Dissertation and Thesis Editing

If you have just completed your dissertation or are starting research or submitting your application, our team of highly qualified authors, editors and proofreaders will help your writing reach perfection!

Superior Quality Dissertation Editing Service

EssayBox.orgโ€™s dissertation editing services are designed to satisfy the needs of doctoral students, who are in the process of pursuing their degree and are striving for absolute clarity and perfection in their writing. A dissertation represents years of your studies, hard work and preparation. Dissertation editingis a process that takes place right in the middle between your dissertation defense and the beginning of your doctoral academic career. While working on your paper, our dissertation editors focus on the following aspects:

  • Grammar

Grammatical errors can easily confuse the reader and make your dissertation statements (premises) look incoherent or illogical. We will revise the subject-verb agreement, usage of pronouns, improper verb usage and other kinds of crucial grammatical flaws.

  • Structural Coherence

At this stage we consider adding transaction phrases in places where they are needed. This will strengthen the linking between your ideas and arguments and support your original conclusions.

  • Style

Once your dissertationis structurally organized, we will work on giving it a unique style. That will be achieved by eliminating awkward words/phrases and paraphrasing them into elegant and precise ones. This will help your writing look more professional and appealing.

  • Proofreading

After the editing has been completed, your dissertation will be sent for the final review to ensure that all the spelling and punctuation errors have been eliminated

  • Citation Assistance

The proper editing of a dissertation is an essential step to your academic success. One of the most difficult parts of using any style is completing a reference section. For this reason it is very important to find real experts in citation formatting. Editors at EssayBox.org are proficient in APA, MLA and other popular styles, including Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.

  • The Right Choice for Thesis Editing

If you are in the process of pursuing your graduate or masterโ€™s degree, then you will definitely come across the task of writing a thesis. In case you happen to face difficulties or have problems with editing your final paper or you are not satisfied with your work, EssayBox.organd its team of talented professionals will always be here to aid you.

  • Qualified PhD thesis editors
  • Available 24/7, even on weekends
  • On-time delivery guarantee

Our thesis editorscheck and introduce adjustments to the following things in your writing:

  • sentence flow and style
  • grammar/sentence structure/ punctuation
  • vocabulary
  • consistency of style
  • misspellings

We provide professional proofreading and thesis editing servicesto students and we can help with the following papers:

  • essays
  • academic theses and dissertations
  • reports
  • grant applications
  • school papers
  • speeches

Contact EssayBox.org and be confident of getting the best satisfaction-guaranteed services.


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