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Comparison Essay

Throughout the course of your studies you will be required to write a number of essay papers, where they ask you to compare/contrast various things. A comparison essay implies writing about similarities and differences. Some students find essay writing really fun and exciting and it does not present any difficulties to them, while for others it appears to be a real nightmare and they decide to get comparison essay help. EssayBox.org will relieve you from all the academic stress and worries! You can entrust you paper to the professionals, who will do their best providing writing assistance and guidance to you.

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In this type of essay you are required to develop and improve your critical thinking skills as well as your argumentation and the value of the things you compare or contrast.

EssayBox.org will help you write an excellent comparison paper. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    • Define an effective thesis statement.

This is where you stress the importance of comparison and contrast. Accentuate it by adding some kind of a quote, a popular saying or a question at the beginning. Your thesis is the central feature of your essay and will serve you as a guide during the writing process.

    • Work on your outline

Define and list the similarities and differences of each item. Try to focus on the pros and cons while making the list. Make sure you include examples to strengthen your statements.

    • Try to break your essay into smaller paragraphs, each dedicated to a separate point.
    • Support your text by providing primary sources for each point that you have addressed.

Make sure that you have properly cited everything in whatever format your instructor asked (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

    • Express your own opinion.

This is one of the biggest challenges that an author faces. However, his/her own interpretation of the matter is very important.

    • Link every point in the argument to your thesis using transitions.

They will be of a great help to the reader showing how new sections are logically connected to your initial argument. Here are some transitional expressions to be taken into account:  moreover, similarly, likewise,on the contrary, on the other hand, although, like, unlike, however, although, nevertheless, regardless, despite the fact that, at the same time.

    • End your essay with a general summary, which will highlight the main similarities and differences

You should also reaffirm your thesis or put in into new words and demonstrate that you have proven the point.

    • Proofread and edit. Do not be afraid to add/delete something, if you feel like itโ€™s needed.

Review your work just to avoid minor spelling or grammar mistakes.

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