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Personal Statement Challenge

A personal statement, also called a statement of purpose is a piece of writing in a form of an essay, which describes goals for a person’s research or career. Various universities require this type of a document during the application process.
One of the basic objectives of writing a personal statement is to demonstrate your writing skills and express your goals, qualifications and experience in a short and ideologically clear way. This is one of the opportunities to interact with your board committee, demonstrate you capacity and thus leave an impression on them. For this reason one must draft their personal statement thoroughly so that it appears to be exclusive and captures its target reader.

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The importance of a good personal statement

A personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application package.  And for this very reason sometimes personal statement writing might appear one of the most frustrating experiences that you have ever had. It is supposed to serve as an evidence of your academic, professional or personal achievements. The people who read your work generally pay attention to the following factors:
·         In what way does your writing provide evidence of the achievements that are not reflected in the other parts of your application
·         How and in which way the things that you have described have altered your personality and shaped your attitude

You should take the writing easy and do it all step by step. Give yourself some time for brainstorming, generating some fresh ideas, making a rough draft and revising.
Here are some things to keep in mind when working on your personal statement.

  •     Think of your personal statement as if you are writing a story about yourself. Keep in mind that you need to highlight something fresh, lively and different that will give you an advantage comparing to the other personal statements.
  •       Brainstorm for ideas and facts that would accentuate your personal qualities, goals, achievements and priorities.
  •       Be selective. Try to avoid introducing the inappropriate facts and do not get too much into details.
  •       After you are done with your personal statement, make sure that it provides the target readers with an accurate portrait of who you are and why education/job position is important to you.

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