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If you’re taken a course in either psychology or mythology, then it’s entirely possible that you could be tasked with the writing of an Oedipus essay. If you are going to be writing about Oedipus himself, then your essay will most likely be either biographical or analytical in nature. In either case, EssayBox.org is here to assist you. For rates beginning as low as ten dollars per page, our expert team of highly qualified academic writers will go to great lengths to make sure that every aspect of your Oedipus paper meets your exact specifications.

Digging Deeper Into Your Oedipus Rex Essay

Let’s assume, for the moment, for the sake of illustration, that you’ve decided (or been required) to take a more analytical route when writing your Oedipus Rex essay.

    • Here are a few potential sub-topics that would fall within that particular category:
  • Post-Classical Literature and Oedipus Rex
  • Oedipais, or Oedipus?
  • Aeschylus’ Trilogy

Whether you choose one of these approaches to your Oedipus Rex paper or not, it’s important to make sure that you adhere to proper form in your composition. For example, as with other types of essays, you thesis should be the final sentence of your introduction. After that, it’s all about supporting your thesis.

A More Basic Oedipus the King Essay

If you’re going to be writing a more basic Oedipus the King essay, then perhaps your task will be a little easier. Still, there are a few factors which you should pay particular attention to. You will want to include biological facts about him, perhaps the most popular of which is that he fulfilled a prophecy by killing his father and marrying his mother, thus bringing disaster upon his entire family.

The mythical king of Thebes, his name means “swollen-footed”. That’s another fact which you’d want to include in your Oedipus the King paper. You could also take a more humorous approach to such an essay. Let’s consider that possibility a bit further.

Writing Funny Oedipus Essays

Regardless of which particular sub-topics they’re about, funny Oedipus essays can be enjoyable both to write and to read. We have some suggestions we’d like to offer you in that regard, but be forewarned, we’ll only be scratching the surface of the possibilities here.

A humorous treatment of a fictional character with an obvious Oedipus complex could bring some much needed levity to an otherwise grim subject. Tracing the development of this condition throughout your character’s life could make for an interesting (and entertaining) study indeed. Your funny Oedipus papers could be written in almost a โ€œmockumentaryโ€ style. Needless to say, there are other topics which could receive this same treatment.

Additional Oedipus Essay Topics

We’ve already offered a few possible Oedipus essay topics. There are still a few more that we’d like to offer for your consideration. For example, you could write about Euripideโ€™s Phoenissae and Chrysippus. Another possibility would be to write about either Antigone or Oedipus at Colonus. Both of these are by Sophocles.

Such an essay can be a bit difficult, but you need not write it entirely on your own. EssayBox.org is available to assist you. Should you choose to extend to us that honor, then not only can we help you choose from among the plethora of available Oedipus paper topics, we’ll be with you through every other step of the process, too.


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