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Writing a good Julius Caesar essay can be something of an adventure. To many modern readers, Shakespeare’s play can be difficult to understand because the language is so different. Then you have to think about and analyze the themes, motifs, and characters on top of that.

It’s no wonder that many students find themselves completely overwhelmed and frustrated when they attempt to write a quality paper about Julius Caesar. If you’d like some help writing your essay on Julius Caesar, then you should contact EssayBox.org. We’ll help you make sure your essay makes a great impression on your readers, especially the most important one… your professor!

More Julius Caesar Essays

Writing good Julius Caesar essays obviously requires a working knowledge of the plot. Sometimes, even after reading the play, you can find certain details fuzzy and unclear. Some key facts to remember are that Caesar was assassinated by the entire Senate, including Brutus, a close political ally.

Also, Cassius is a major player in getting the assassination plot started. In addition, Antony and Octavius are key figures in the plot after Caesar’s death. After reading the tragedy, it might be beneficial to find a plot summary to keep your memory fresh. Some copies of the play already contain brief plot summaries. These would be great resources in penning your Julius Caesar papers.

Potential Julius Caesar Essay Topics

Your essay might not just be about Julius Caesar in general. Here are some more specific potential Julius

    Caesar essay topics:

  • Julius Caesar: A Study in Betrayal
  • The Characters of Julius Caesar
  • The Julius Caesar Phenomenon: Self-Importance and the Male Psyche

Of course, that last topic would be more appropriate for a psychology course than one in literature itself. On the other hand, sometimes it’s quite fascinating to examine great literature from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. The absence of any real female character that impacts the plot could drive a feminist critique of Julius Caesar. As you can see, there is no shortage of potential Julius Caesar topics.

Handling Julius Caesar Essay Questions

There are a few common Julius Caesar paper questions you could theoretically encounter. You might be asked to examine how Caesar continued to influence the happenings of the plot and the characters even after his death. Another fairly common question has you appraise friendships between the characters and their effects on the plot.

One more popular essay question is whether Caesar or Brutus is the protagonist, or tragic hero, of the piece. You should read up on common essay topics which will give you an advantage in your essay. Now you will be prepared for any Julius Caesar essay questions you encounter.

Some Julius Caesar Essay Prompts

In case you’re having a little trouble getting started, we offer some Julius Caesar essay prompts to get your creative juices flowing. You could consider the theatricality of the piece, particularly in the famous assassination scene and the scene with Antony’s speech. Alternately, examine the character of Brutus and trace his downfall.

If you’re still drawing a blank after these Julius Caesar essay prompts, then you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional writing service like EssayBox.org. One good reason to go with us in particular is that we are extremely economical, with rates beginning as low as $20 dollars per page. Contact us today.


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