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If you’re writing a gun control essay, then you’re face with an intricate balance to strike between getting your point across and not offending your reader, as this is an intensely divisive issue. To make matters worse, with gun violence on the rise, it’s an intensely topical issue as well. Whether you blame the availability of the firearms or the evil deeds of the individuals themselves, or both, this is a timely, sensitive topic to write an essay about. You’re not alone, though. We here at can make sure that you turn in a gun control essay that is both informative and engaging… one that strikes just the right tone.

An “Against” Gun Control Essay

An “against” gun control essay would be especially hard to write for someone in favor of gun control. The key thing to matter is that while all of us want to find ways to reduce needless violence, we all also want to make sure that we’re able to defend ourselves and our families should the need arise. What’s more, the United States’ Constitution does indeed grant its citizens the right to bear arms. These would both be superb points to cite in an “against” gun control essay. There’s also the fact that the majority of legally purchased guns in this country are only ever used for hunting.

A “Pro” Gun Control Essay

A “pro” gun control essay would obviously require some very different content from one written from the opposite perspective. One potential place to start would be the fact that there are already laws on the books, both federally and in many states, that help to restrict access to firearms for the mentally ill and convicted felons. You could then proceed to list and expound on reasons that they should be enforced. One of the reasons you could site is that easy to access to firearms with no waiting period for a background check is a very present reality in many states, even some traditionally “liberal” ones. These facts are all suitable for inclusion in your “pro” gun control essay.

A Sample Gun Control Persuasive Essay Outline

In crafting your gun control essay outline, your introduction should be one of the easiest parts. Your subject is already controversial enough to capture the attention of most readers. Still, you should really put some though into that first sentence. In addition, as always, your thesis should form the final sentence of your introductory paragraph. The body of your essay will require a little more effort, and it will unfold quite differently depending on both the type and position of your essay. The conclusion portion of your gun control essay outline need only summarize your body and restate your thesis.

Potential Gun Control Essay Titles

When crafting your gun control essay titles, you should consider the same kind of factors you would consider when crafting your first sentence. Mainly, you should ask yourself, “Will this title help me capture my reader’s attention?

    Here are a few possibilities we’d like to offer in order to help you get your own creative juices flowing:

  • “Gun Control, or People Control?”
  • “Gun Control, or Bullet Control?”
  • “Gun Control, or Mind Control?”

At, not only can we help you write great gun control essay titles, we can help you with the rest of your essay, too. Contact us today.


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