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Help with Writing a Grant Proposal

For many people grant application plays a crucial role in their academic career. And the whole process of writing a grant proposal sometimes appears to be perplexing. But indeed there is nothing hiding behind it. Grant proposals are awarded as a result of a careful review process with certain criteria that applies to everyone. Once you have made up your mind to apply for a grant, you start thinking how to make a more competitive grant application. Let’s be honest here. When you apply for a grant – you are definitely asking an agency or some government structure to grant you some amount of money. As a rule, agencies award funding to those applicants, who are addressing the important issues and propose a way to solve them. So, in order to increase your chances of success, you have to make sure you have clearly stated the problem, that the funding agency considers important, and offered a solution for it. When organizing your grant proposal writing application, take into account that each agency will have its own requirements. There are some parts of the proposal which are basic and apply in the following order:

  • Title page

The title page usually includes an explicit tittle of the project, the names of the investigators, name and address of the granting agency, amount of funding requested.

  • Abstract

Here you provide readers with the first impression of your project. The abstract should explain the key elements of your research project and state the general purpose, goals, methods and significance.

  • Introduction

The introduction should cover the key elements of your proposal. This is where you state your problem, the purpose of research and its significance and provide an explicit explanation.

  • Literature review

The literature review is intended to show that you have completed your preliminary research on this subject.

  • Project narrative

It makes the body of the whole project. Here you describe all the procedures, methods, outcomes, make their evaluation.

  • Personnel

Here you explain the staff requirements in detail. You need to make sure you have described the skill sets of your staffing and revealed the necessity of recruiting personnel.

  • Budget justification

In this section your task is to spell out the project costs and explain various expenses. It usually consists of a spreadsheet or a table with a detailed budget outline(also called budget justification).

Need Grant Proposal Help?

The success of your grant proposal project will depend on the fact of how well you have been able to address the issue and reveal the problem solution in it. For this reason you have to ensure that your project has come to perfection before you can submit it. It needs to deliver a logical and consistent idea that matches the call of your proposal, has a positive record and a team of individuals who are highly qualified for completing the proposed work. Make sure that the text of your proposal is formatted in a proper way so that the reviewers committee can easily see how it matches the agency’s priorities and objectives. All grant proposal writers know that to gain success with the project you have to invest a lot of time and work into it. If you are looking for professional grant proposal writing assistance, then your best match would be We will help you write a persuasive grant proposalthat will definitely draw the attention of the committee and get you the desired result. We understand that there is a set of certain criteria, which the investors take into account while accessing your project. First of all it concerns relevancy and effectiveness.

    Our writers will make sure that:

  • the objectives and the goals match the problems that need to be addressed;
  • the proposal involves the community or people, who are supposed to benefit from the results and stress their influence;
  • your approach is practical and efficient. will also take care of the following:

  • the guidelines and instructions of the funders are followed
  • all the questions in your proposal are answered clearly
  • the text is properly formatted
  • all the ideas and evidence of your organization’s capacity are demonstrated

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