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Writing a gay marriage essay, like writing about other controversial topics, can be challenging. There are several reasons for this. First, you might not even personally agree with the position you have been assigned to defend. Either way, you need to write in such a way as to maintain sensitivity and respect toward the opposing viewpoint. Otherwise, you could potentially alienate half your readers. At, we can help you strike the write tone to avoid this possibility. We can help you with other aspects of your gay marriage essay as well, from research to proper formatting. What’s more, we can do it all at very affordable rates.

An “Anti” Gay Marriage Essay

Whether you support it or not, there is a possibility that you could be assigned to write an “anti” gay marriage essay. Obviously, this will be easier to do if you are actually opposed to gay marriage than if you aren’t. Still, you need to avoid arguing against “straw men.” This is a debate saying that means you need to choose your oppositions strongest points and provide your rebuttal. In so doing, you will in turn create the strongest possible support for your own position. In addition to writing either a pro or “anti” gay marriage essay, you could also be assigned to write an essay on gay marriage in general.

gay marriage research paper, you generally aren’t trying to defend a position one way or the other.

    • Rather, you’re chronicling such matters as:
  • The history of gay marriage
    Studies of gay marriage’s affects (or lack thereof) on society
  • The politics of gay marriage

You could also research both sides of the issue and summarize the arguments both camps put forward in defense of their positions. In general, however, that would not be your primary focus in a gay marriage research paper. That would fall more into the category of a persuasive essay, which we’ve already talked about in terms of a position against gay marriage. Now, let’s consider the other angle.

A “Pro” Gay Marriage Term Paper

Writing a “pro” gay marriage term paper would require many of the same considerations as writing one against it. You should still avoid arguing against “straw men” by choosing the strongest points against gay marriage and rebutting them. Of course, you should also offer, for separate consideration, your own support. You could mainly consider the issue from a legal perspective, or you could choose to delve into the moral debate as well. A little of the latter is probably inevitable. Either way, when writing your “pro” gay marriage term paper, a sensitive tone is of the utmost importance when getting your point across.

Crafting a Gay Marriage Persuasive Essay

So far, we have discussed the crafting of a gay marriage persuasive essay from both supportive and opposing perspectives. There are some more general considerations that are important to remember when crafting a persuasive essay, regardless of your particular topic. For example, in a persuasive essay, one should avoid the use of phrases such as “in my opinion,” or, “I think.” Rather, simply state your positions. The fact that these are your opinions is already taken for granted, and following this rule makes for a stronger tone. These are the kinds of considerations you can be sure we’ll pay attention to if you enlist our essay writing services here at to help with your gay marriage persuasive essay.


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