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If you happen to struggle with your expository essay writing, do not hesitate to ask EssayBox.org for professional expository essay help. All you have to do is place an order for expository essays for sale with our company and one of our writers will get down to work on your paper. We are granting an excellent opportunity to select your preferable writer who will work on the assignment. You can got through the list of available writers and pick the one you feel will be the most suitable for competing your assignment.

We have included some useful tips and prompts about the format and structure. When writing your expository paper, focus on the following steps:

  • Select a topic. Make sure that it is narrow enough and can be manageable within the limits of your essay.
  • Write a thesis statement. It should express a controlling idea and relate to your topic.
  • Structure your essay and break it down into body paragraphs. Support each paragraph with evidence and examples.
  • Compose a topic sentence for each body paragraph. Remember that each topic sentence should relate to your thesis statement.
  • Write the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.
  • Write the conclusion paragraph. It should restate the thesis of your expository essay and bring it to an appropriate effective clause.


Expository Essay Format

Expository papers have a distinct format.

  • Introduction. You can start your essay with a general statement about your topic that will catch the readerโ€™s attention: a quotation, a question, a definition, etc. Define a thesis statement, where you present your arguable position on the topic.
  • Body paragraphs. Each topic sentence should provide the main idea of the paragraph. Include specific supporting evidence: cited quotes, interviews or your own experience. Explain the reader the significance of the evidence that you have provided. Do not forget about the liking phrases. You should connect each paragraph in a way that allows to demonstrate the logical flow of ideas.
  • Conclusion. Provide the reader with an overview of the main ideas that you have discussed. Show the significance of your information.


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  • finding precise words to express your thoughts
  • correcting spelling, grammar and typographical errors
  • making sure that your paragraphs are sequenced properly


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