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Explanatory Essay

Have you got an explanatory essay assignment to complete? Donโ€™t know how to write and properly structure your paper? There is absolutely no need to worry because EssayBox.org is here to release you from all the stress connected with essay writing.

An explanatory essay, also called an expository essay, is meant to present and explain a certain perspective, event or situation in a brief way so that the reader could have a vivid picture of it. The essay also explains the causes and effects. When organizing your writing, take into consideration the following questions and apply them to your thesis statement:

  • What?/Who?
  • Why?
  • When?
  • How?

If your paper provides answers to these questions, then you are more likely to develop the topic and deliver the intended message to your readers. Keep in mind the objective for writing, which is to deliver simplified information to the readers.

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Before you start, it is advisable that you get an outline or a plan where you can include the things which you are going to mention.

Here are some vital preparations you need to make before you start writing:

  • Conduct thorough research Go through a number of educational journals, articles and other publication, which are related to your topic. This will help create an excellent foundation for your paper
  • Create the thesis This is the main idea of your essay. It needs to express the problem clearly, which you are stating in the paper
  • Make an outline Study the main pints of your arguments and think how they support your thesis and whether they are making sense
  • Make sure your introduction:
    • Introduces the context of your story
    • Has a thesis statement
    • Highlights the main ideas to be covered in the essay
  • Develop the body It is great idea to express the main idea in the first sentence of the paragraph. That way the reader will get your intended message clearly. Pay special attention to the transitions between paragraphs and ideas. They will help your reader stay focused on the outflow of the ideas in the text.
  • Introduce explanations Ideas can be attributed to a specific author or an organization with the help of the following expressions: Research shows that, According to, Studies have shown that, It can be argues that, etc.
  • Work on your conclusion This is where you define the problem in a concise summary. Therefore you have to make sure that it has a logical structure.

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Our academic writing agency stresses the importance of proofreading and paper editing. You always need a second pair of eyes to scan your writing and point out the major mistakes you have got there. A team of professional editors at EssayBox.org will work on all the necessary preparations and adjustments in order to make sure that your explanatory paper is very well structured and organized. During the revision process your writer will eliminate all the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes so that the paper is nice and neat and ready to be turned in!

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