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Evaluation Essay Writing

Writing an evaluation essay might be a very complicated process, especially if you are faced with this assignment for the first time and absolutely have no experience with it! Evaluation essays are just like reviews. They judge whether something is good or bad, better or worse than other similar things.

  • The first step in evaluation essay writing is to get supportive evidence to maintain your viewpoint.
  • You should present the subject of your evaluation paper in detail, in relation to what your reader knows. You should provide the amount of information for your readers to accept the judgment.
  • You need to have your own writing strategy, which will define your structure and planning.

Evaluation Essay Help: Structure and Format Tips

Firstly, you have to present the subject in an interesting way. It is often affective to use an introduction, which describes the subject and thus engages the reader. Then you need to make a clear, authoritative judgement. Make sure that you have got a clear thesis statement that reveals exactly what you think. Include the main reasons for your evaluation and explanation into the body paragraphs.

Your paper will be even more appealing if you have a strong judgment about how this subject is either better or worse than the other subject. As you state each of the judgments, provide supportive statements, like reasons and examples. In the conclusion you can briefly cover and summarize all the points that have been discussed.

Evaluation Essay Help: Topic Selection

If you find it hard to decide on a topic for your paper on the spot, then this might help you! We have included a list of the most popular and compelling evaluation essay topics:

1. Social networking made via the Internet and face-to-face: evaluate the difference between them and also tell which one has better results.
2. Importance of the Internet in the contemporary fast paced society.
3. Evaluate how effective were the land and health reforms implemented by Bill Clinton and Roosevelt.
4. Evaluate the consequences we would be facing due to the global warming.
5. Evaluate how much the Europeans affected the American Indians
6. Evaluate animal rights.
7. Evaluate the necessity of animal testing.
8. Evaluate the implications of the acid deposition on the industrialized societies.
9. Evaluates how the prisoners are treated in the prisons and what are the mental damages they face then.
10. Evaluate the impact and role of civil war on the American society as a whole.
11. Evaluate the role of American women during the period of civil war.
12. Evaluate how media violence have the negative impact on the mind of innocent children
13. Evaluate the possible reasons why America attacked on Afghanistan.
14. Evaluate the whole scenario of Iran-Iraq war.
15. Evaluate the role of the Internet in enhancing the knowledge of the children.
16. Evaluate the possible reasons of the increasing depression and insomnias in the society.
17. Evaluate the role of a single mother in the breeding of a child.
18. Evaluate the possible consequences of the increasing suicides globally.
19. Evaluate the impact of the violence depicted in the games on the mind of the children.
20. Evaluate contemporary managerial functions practiced by most of the companies.

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