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The problem with using an essay generator, in reality, is that there’s no such thing. Now, that may sound a little glib, but let us tell you what we mean. There have been attempts by some computer programmers to automate the process of essay writing. So far, all these pieces of software have been able to turn out have been essentially form letters, which usually bear little relevance to the actual subject of your essay. If you’re looking for help writing your essay, you’re much better off enlisting the services of a company like EssayBox.orgthan you would be trying to use an essay generator.

An Essay Title Generator

An essay title generatorcould conceivably be a bit more useful than an essay generator in general. After all, an attention-grabbing title is often half the battle. Still, there’s no subject for human intelligence when it comes to matters as fluid as creativity.

    Here are a few titles human beings have written:

  • The Secret Life of Fleas
  • What Kids won’t do for Candy (This was a short essay.)
  • The Deafening Silence

All of these are thought provoking and attention-grabbing, and none of them came from an essay title generator. About the only thing such pieces of software are good for is if you’re writing a random essay just for fun.

A Random Essay Generator

Speaking of random essays, there is actually such a thing as a random essay generator. In reality, a random essay generator is actually the only type of essay generator there is. Even if the software is designed to generate a specific essay, it’s still going to boil down essentially to the level of a “Mad lib,”and the results, therefore, will still be quite random. That’s why this type of thing serves no other purpose besides entertainment. The organization of relevant thoughts into an appropriate format still requires human intelligence, not to mention writing them with good style and tone.

An Essay Outline Generator

Even if there were such a thing as an essay outline generator, that would be useless, too. Essay outlines are really quite simple. To begin with, you need a solid introduction. Ideally, you want it to grab your reader’s attention, but the only absolute essential is that you “introduce”the topic which you’ll be addressing in the remainder of your essay. The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis, in which you state whatever conclusion you’ve drawn about your topic. Expound on and support your thesis, and then wrap it up. See? There’s no need for an essay outline generator.

An Essay Topic Generator

The idea of an essay topic generator is one that, we must admit, we find intriguing. We’re not sure how it would be done, or even if it could be. But, if it could, then it would be potentially very useful to both teachers and students. For the time being, though, essay topics are still usually assigned by a professor, not an essay topic generator. Once your topic has been assigned, if you’d like some help writing your essay, we humbly recommend you contact Our team of writers will ensure that you can be beaming with pride when you hand in your paper.


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