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The team of editors at specialize in professional essay editing services. Every single essay is carefully read, corrected, adjusted and ready to be turned in. and its editors will relieve you from the stress of essay writing process and provide assistance with it. Our fully dedicated staff will make all the necessary improvements to ensure that your writing expresses you ideas, highlights your strengths and captivates the readerโ€™s attention. We will deliver a well-written and polished essay!

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  • The first step is text evaluation. Your essay is read, which gives the editor a chance to understand your topic, writing style, point of view, etc. This is where your correspondence with the teacherโ€™s instructions is checked.
  • Then the editor reads the essay over and over again, word-for-word in order to correct punctuation, word usage and spelling errors. He/she detects whether the rules of English punctuation and spelling are followed. To ensure the spelling perfection, the writer checks the orthography and makes all the necessary adjustments.
  • The next step for the writer is to delete/insert text passages, so that the writing is able to efficiently communicate ideas to the reader.
  • Each essay is formatted according to the selected style: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and others.
  • Our rewriting services focus on creating a new paper/essay on the basis of the available draft, using the writing style, which preserves the main idea of the text and its original meaning. As a result you get a new paper, which corresponds to your original requirements and ideas.

Here are the aspects that our editors focus on while proofreading your essay:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • abbreviation and acronyms

Why Use

The services we offer are safe, easy and efficient. The clients using our services can finally start benefiting from college essay editing. Using our companyโ€™s services may be advantageous in a number of ways:

  • We work with students of all academic levels and from different backgrounds.
  • We are fast, accurate and flexible.
  • is available 24/7 for your inquiry submission and requests
  • Our writers work precisely to follow your clarifications
  • We make a commitment to your privacy and security

Your writing is adjusted according to the following criteria:

  • text flow
  • tone
  • special terminology and foreign words
  • target audience

We will take care of the format according to the:

  • citation style
  • footnotes and endnotes
  • page numbers
  • running heads
  • text alignment
  • table of contents
  • cover page, title page, reference page

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Once you have entrusted your essay to, our team will make sure that expert essay editors work on it. You are encouraged to provide an essay draft together with the instructions. The writer will edit it in a way that will ensure your writing coincides with the essay requirements. Essay editing might seem to be a challenge for you, but for it is a pleasure. Just think about the great outcomes: you will definitely get an excellent grade and thus excel in your academics. Let put a final professional touch on your essay to make it as good as it can be.


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