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It is extremely important to ensure that your writing is not spoiled or altered in any way by the mistakes you may make. The major factor that influences the way your text appeals to others is whether your text is written clearly, consistently and accurately. If you want to avoid embarrassing mistakes or just stress your creativity in writing, then you can start benefiting from the proofreading services that EssayBox.org provides! Are you looking for an experienced editor to refine the use of English in your writing? Then we are here to help! EssayBox.org is offering professional editing services to ensure your English writing assignments are polished and ready to be turned in.

We correct grammar, fix problematic sentences and even make your vocabulary more sophisticated. We also replace inappropriate words and eliminate obvious spelling errors. One more thing our editors are capable of is improving your writingby rearranging and paraphrasing sentences, if necessary.

    Our Online Editing Services Include:

  • Dissertation Editing

Our PhD scholars, who specialize in academic editingin your chosen discipline, will make amendments and adjustments in whatever style your university or college requires.

  • Thesis Editing

Professional thesis editorswill indicate all the problematic areas of your work, which need attention. They will do everything it takes to ensure that you get a polished product in the end.

  • Academic Editing

We provide essay and paper editing for students. We have already edited hundreds of essays, term papers and reports. Our services will significantly increase your chances for getting an excellent grade and thus for excelling in your studies.

  • Proofreading Service

If you would like to make sure that your paper is well-organized and clearly written, then you should get it proofread. Our professional proofreaders will carefully examine every single word. They will also consider each sentence, paragraph and argument precisely to make sure that it relates to the entire paper. We guarantee that the changes we introduce will help to improve your writing. Editors from EssayBox.orgcorrect grammatical mistakes, including punctuation and tense structure. Proofreading ensures effective communication of the written concept with the targeted audience.

    Our editors and proofreaders will take care of your paper’s:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • citations
  • cross reference
  • page numbers
  • table of contents

You can request your paper to be adjusted according to the required formatting styles, such as: Chicago, MLA, Tirabian or APA.

Writing and Editing Services

EssayBox.org is a creative writing company specializing in writing and editing services. This is the best solution for students who are put under the time pressure and need their papers to be proofread. EssayBox.org offers help with all kinds of academic assignments, such as essays, term papers, courseworks, research papers, book reports, summaries, dissertations, theses, argumentative writing and many others. You can rely on the professionalism of our writers, who will alter your work! Contact EssayBox.org and place your order for editing services to sharpen your writing and start getting excellent grades now!


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