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The first step toward being able to craft a masterful character analysis essay is of course, understanding what that even is. As elementary as this definition sounds, it’s true. A character analysis essay is an essay that analyzes a character. The character is usually from a work of fiction. It can actually be one of the more intricate essay types to write, but has an entire team of writers waiting to assist you. Should you decide to enlist our services, you will be getting some of the very best value that the entire essay writing services market has to offer.

Considering a Character Analysis Essay Example

Let’s take a look at one potential character analysis essay example. For this exercise, we’ll analyze the character of “Charlie” from Ronald Dahl’s classic children’s novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” If you’ve chosen Charlie to be the subject of your character analysis essay example, then there are a few formatting considerations to be made.

    For instance:

  • Charlie’s background
  • Charlie’s personality
  • The changes that happen over the course of Charlie’s life throughout the story

All of these are important: His background of abject poverty, his gentle, caring personality, and the fact that he ends his story rich beyond his wildest dreams.

A Character Traits Essay

A character traits essay is different from a character analysis essay. Whereas a character analysis essay is usually written about a character from a work of fiction, a character traits essay can be written about any person at all. As the name suggests, such an essay lists and elaborates on the character traits which you observe in the character about whom you are writing… conceivably even yourself! Let’s say, for example, that I’m writing one of these about my eight-year-old son. I’d likely mention his intelligence, his creativity, and his tender heart. For the moment, though, let’s take a look at another character analysis essay example.

An Additional Character Analysis Sample Essay

Since we considered “Charlie” from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in our first character analysis sample essay, we’ll stay in the same book. We’ll just change characters. We’ll change characters to the great Willy Wonka himself. Now, we really don’t know quite as much about Willy Wonka’s background as we do Charlie’s, so we’ll have to write more about things like his eccentricity. In fact, you could focus your entire essay on this one character trait, giving examples of the differences between how actor Gene Wilder portrayed the character in the movie based on this novel and how Ronald Dahl portrayed him in his writing. That would be a fun character analysis sample essay to read.

Forming a Character Analysis Essay Outline

When forming a character analysis essay outline, the first important step is to decide what you’re thesis is going to be. You might draw a general conclusion about your character for this purpose, summarizing his or her personality. As usual, this conclusion, your thesis, will become the last sentence of the introduction to your essay. You will then continue by elaborating on this thesis for the remainder of your essay prior to concluding your paper by summarizing your body and restating your thesis. That may sound a little overwhelming, but is here for you every step of the way, even beyond the initial construction of your character analysis essay outline.


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