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A career essay could take one of any number of different approaches. You could be assigned to write about your future career plans, or the career you actually have. You could also write about careers that you’re potentially interested in. Either way, we can help you.

Our career is writing, and we love to craft custom, quality essays for busy students like you. What’s more, we will leave you in complete control of every step of the process, even granting a ten day revision period at the end. For now, though, let’s consider one potential example of a career paper.

A Career Essay Example

As we’ve already mentioned, your career essay example could be culled from one of the following.

    You could write about:

  • Your future career plans
  • Your current career
  • Your potential interests

Let’s say, for the sake of illustration, that you’ve decided to write about potential career interests. Let’s say also that your career interests include engineering and medicine. You could begin by writing about what it is regarding these two paths that appeals to you. You could then weigh the pros and cons. Of course, this is just one potential career essay example. You could also have decided to write about your future career.

Future Career Essay

If you’ve decided to write a future career essay, you could begin essentially the same way, by describing what it is about your chosen path that you initially found appealing. You could then form the body of your essay by describing a hypothetical “day in the life” of someone in your chosen field.

As part of your research in preparation for such a description, you could interview a successful individual in that profession currently. Before we conclude, let’s look at one other type of career essay, in addition to the future career paper, that we haven’t even talked about yet. It’s an essay about choosing a career.

A “Choosing” Career Essay

Your “choosing” career essay could be written in a very generic sense, or you could take a more specific approach. From the general perspective, you could write about the process involved in selecting a career. Often, people begin this journey with some kind of aptitude test.

Even if they already have a passion of some sort, they may not be right for that line of work after all. On the other hand, such a test could reveal a passion in someone that they didn’t know was there. Once the path is chosen, your “choosing” career paper could get more specific.

A Career Essay Outline

The preparation of a career essay outline is, of course, very similar to the preparation of an outline for any other type of essay. You should begin with an introductory paragraph. The last sentence of that paragraph should be your thesis. For example, your thesis could be, “I would like to become a veterinarian”.

In that particular example, the rest of your essay could be composed of either a list of reasons you want to be a vet or steps you could take in your efforts to realize that goal. Whatever the thesis is in your career essay outline, is ready to make sure that your essay gets you one step closer to attaining the goals expressed in it.


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