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Argumentative Essay

Usually argumentative essays are assigned in writing courses, like advanced composition. Students are required to conduct an extensive research and collect data through their own observations, interviews and surveys. Detailed research allows them to learn more about the topic and understand other peopleโ€™s perspectives on it. As the result, students could choose their own position and support it with the evidence collected during their investigation.

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Before you start working on your essay, it is advisable that you go through the list of suggested topics and pick the one that would really spark your interest. Keep in mind that it needs to be debatable and arguable as well as relevant and up to date. It is for the reason that your argumentative papers should be connected to the ideas and values of the present and thus matter to people right now.

Once you are done exploring the topics, you can start brainstorming for the arguments and ideas that will reveal your personal attitude either for or against the argument. After that youโ€™ll be ready to get down to your research and investigation.You can use some other online educational sources, like library databases, various articles and publications.

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Argumentative Essay Structure

An effective argumentative essay consists of the following parts:

  • The introduction
  • Your paper should start with a clearly stated argument that will outline the importance of your opinion. It should also have some background information and a thesis statement, which is basically the statement of your position on a particular topic in this case.

  • The body
  • This is where you go into detail describing the two sides of your controversy. You also present your own viewpoint and then provide the evidence that will show why you are right.

  • The conclusion
  • There is no need to introduce any new information there. You can restate your opinion in the summary paragraph to stress its importance.

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