“Unable to Can”: Harmful Lifehacks of Writing

October 25, 2022

Last Updated on October 25, 2022


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Every child faced writing tasks when they were at school. And lots of ?hildren might hear that something in their texts “sounds bad” or “poorly written”. Maybe not all people are masters of writing, and it is okay. You may not know what you need to use in writing to make your papers truly amazing, so people can not distinguish you from Joanne Rowling. However, you have to know the basics, namely, three harmful lifehacks that will definitely ruin your text.

1. Use too many “big words”

“In the unity of incomprehensible essence of this perishable world that those ordinary mortals, by reason of their stupidity, carelessly call “life”, we can mention that my paper tells about Newton’s first law.”

Congratulations, you have just screwed up your text. If you used only one metaphor in the paragraph, add more to show people you have such improved vocabulary. Readers only want to be hit by this in-depth transcendentalism when you are talking about Physics. It is not necessary if you don’t know the meaning of the word if it makes your text more…you know.

2. Ignore the structure

Start writing the flow of your thoughts. Do not divide one idea from another because it is so dull. Let people strain their brains to understand what you mean. Include one new idea in every single sentence you write down to make your text appear more mysterious. Better mix them in a chaotic order, it will show how special you are. Make them believe in the uniqueness of the way you think. If they do not get it – it is their problem. The main thing is the unsurpassed graphomania in your text. Forget about the order of thoughts because the metaverse requires the absence of something defined. The longer you can last without separating paragraphs between each other, the more intriguing your text will be.

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3. Write as quickly as you can

It doesn’t actually matter what you are writing about because we know that the crucial thing is speediness. Even if you have some requirements, you just need to read them once. Do not check if you made a mistake during your writing. If you have a burning deadline for your text, you need to send them to your examiner as fast as you can. Don’t waste your time double-checking your writings. Even if you made a mistake, it would just show that you are an alive person who doesn’t bother about strict rules. You need to learn how to type 800 words in ten minutes. Research is also odd because it takes time. If you don’t know the subject you are writing about – use your own assumptions.

Now you know the rules of how to write an awful text. You can write a text according to these lifehacks and see how terrible the text may sound and look.

On the other hand, you can consider these rules as a prompt of what not to do in writing. Once you notice you are making a mistake – recall these harmful lifehacks and do the opposite. After you train for a while, these rules will become an axiom of your own style of writing, so you will not even think about them. You will just know it. Good luck!

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