Pros and Cons of Online Education

March 21, 2024

Last Updated on March 21, 2024


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Pros and Cons of Online Education

After the COVID pandemic started, the world significantly changed. People all around the world get acquainted with new circumstances and convert ordinary methods of living, studying, and working into more suitable ones for our modern life.

Here comes online education. Before 2020 society also slightly implemented online education partially. However, every second school, university, course, and even work company provides the opportunity to study online now.

While inserting new methods of doing daily processes, people always divide into supporters and opponents of these methods. Some people say that online education makes the life of the whole world easier. The others claim that it brings with it a lot of difficulties and decreases the efficiency of the studying process. Letโ€™s consider the pros and cons of online studying.

Pros of the remote education process

Honestly, working or studying remotely appeared advantageous for numerous people. Users highlight the next primary benefits:

  • Students do not waste time getting to the college/university. Imagine how many hours people spend per year to reach their educational institute. Imagine a student lives an hour away from the college. So, they spend at least 2 hours a day on the road. On average, there are nearly 180 workdays for American students. So, the student spends 15 days per year getting to college and back.
  • Students create a comfortable place to study. Some people can consume more information and show better results if they study in a place they feel connected. For numerous students, it is much more pleasant to light a candle or wrap themselves up in a soft blanket and make a pot of tea rather than sit in the large auditorium among other people.
  • Students may feel safe while studying online. Nowadays, the Internet has become a gold mine for introverts who experience anxiety when communicating with a big group of people. Many people feel unsafe talking to a professor in real life. Zoom meetings help them to calm down and ask mentors without worrying about the integrity of each otherโ€™s private space.
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Cons of the remote education process

However, some people believe that offline education is more efficient than online study. They claim that the main disadvantages are:

  • Students distract more during online learning. They usually use tablets, phones, and laptops to join online meetings and study. However, they also have access to social media, mobile games, and other applications that can make students change the subject of their focus.
  • Students receive less helpful information. People sometimes have problems to understand crucial information because they do not see lectors in real life. So, it may feel like watching a YouTube video. Also, lectors may not be skilled at online public speech, so they can not make the right emphasis to make students focused on important things.
  • Students are not always able to join online classes. Poor internet connection, the absence of an appropriate device to study, and even lack of a quiet place – all these are also reasons why students can not study online. Sometimes they just can not find time because of simultaneous work. That is why the average attendance of online education is lower than if students visit classes offline.


Nobody still knows what is better – studying online or offline. If you think you can afford online studying without prejudice to your academic achievement, you should try it. Although, if you think that you feel better in the studying progress while you directly are in your college, visit the classes physically. Remember that everyone has their preferences, and we recommend trying both ways to study to find out which one is your match.

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