How to Write an Informative Essay?

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How to Write an Informative Essay

An informative essay is a type of writing that helps you convey details about a particular subject to your audience. It intends to answer one of the five Wโ€™s or suggest a method if it is answering a โ€œhowโ€ question. This type of essay is objective by nature.

What Is an Informative Essay

The informative essay definition is an explanatory piece of writing that explores a subject in detail. Many high school and college students write this type of essay, but it is not limited to academics. Informative essays can be in the form of technical writings, blogs, newspapers, manuals, and product launches as long as they answer either one of the five Wโ€™s or the โ€œhowโ€ questions. These essays are not open to opinions or bias; they are strictly factual and informative so that readers of the writing can learn from it and apply the knowledge they assimilated. The authorโ€™s opinion may not be demonstrated through this type of essay.

How to start an informative essay is by finding a topic and developing potential questions to answer concerning the matter. Brainstorm answers that coincide with their questions, and determine which questions and answers you are most interested in writing about and have the most information about. Your chosen question and answer combination will depict your thesis statement for your introduction, as this is the main idea of your informative essay. To hook readers into your topic, start by briefly introducing it with background information and slowly delve into the thesis.

How Many Paragraphs Is an Informative Essay

An informative essay comprises at least three paragraphs: the introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. Here is each element of an informative essay structure in detail.

Intro for Informative Essay

An informative essay introduction is the attraction point for your writing composition. If you cannot hook readers into it immediately, they will likely not bother finishing it. To counteract that, write an engaging first sentence that grabs your readers’ attention. The first sentence can be statistical data, a shocking fact, or a question that will make readers stop to think and lean in for more information. This hook must be relevant to your subject so that it is not misleading.

The middle sentences of an intro convey background information about your subject. They stem from the hook and transition directly into your thesis statement.

The final sentence of an introduction is the thesis statement, which is crucial for every essay you will encounter. This special sentence briefly explains what your essay is about and gives readers a reason to read your essay.

Informative Essay Body Paragraph

The number of body paragraphs in an informative essay depends on the amount of information you want to convey to your audience. The more details you are willing to share about your topic, the more key points and body paragraphs you will have. The structure of each body paragraph remains the same. Every body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that branches from the thesis statement. All consequential phrases build off the topic sentence and use supporting details, facts, and statistics.


An informative essay conclusion summarizes an essay in several sentences. Recap your main ideas, and restate your thesis statement in the midst. The conclusion is a courteous reminder, to your readers, of what your essay covered.

Informative Essay Outline, Format, Structure

With an informative essay and any other type of essay, you will find it helpful to create an outline so that you know how you will structure your composition. Create your skeleton with as many body paragraphs as necessary as follows:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Background information
    3. Thesis statement
  2. Body Paragraph
    1. Topic sentence
    2. Supporting detail
    3. Analysis of supporting detail
    4. Transition to the next paragraph
  3. Conclusion
    1. Restatement of the thesis
    2. Summary of main points highlighted throughout body paragraphs
    3. Closing thoughts to leave an impact on the audience

The format for an informative essay is purely objective so that the composition’s author does not impose their opinions or perspective on their readers. The purpose of an informative essay is to enlighten readers about something that is or is not existing.

The structure of an informative essay is as follows: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction institutes the topic the author wanted to choose to write about with a strong hook, background information, and a thesis statement. The body paragraphs give meaning to the thesis by incorporating relevant key points, supporting details, and analyses of those details. The conclusion abridges the whole essay and briefly ties the thesis to the body paragraphs.

How to End an Informative Essay

End an informative essay with a conclusion that restates your thesis, summarizes your main ideas, and ends with a thought-provoking statement. This paragraph is critical and should leave your readers with an impression. When you restate your thesis, it needs to be as engaging as the first time you write it, but in different words. No two sentences throughout your entire essay should be identical, but all phrases should contribute to the delivery of your topic.

Informative essay examples are designed to help you create your own informative essay that is detailed, enlightening, and indicative of giving your readers food for thought. Examples help you structure your essay as they portray a brainstormed and logically designed layout of a topic choice, description, explanation, and conclusion. They give you, the writer, an idea of what format you need to follow to enlighten your readers.

Below is a table of doโ€™s and donโ€™ts when writing an informative essay:

DO include DO NOT include
Relevant statistics Irrelevant details
Supporting details Opinions and bias
Quotes that support main ideas Phrases that persuade readers
A hook worthy of attention Statements that impose arguments
Facts about the topic Personal pronouns
Logical statements and facts Repetitive statements


An informative essay is a paper that effectively explicates a person, place, thing, or event simply. When explaining your subject, ensure all provided particulars are relevant to your topic and continually enlighten and educate your readers. Let your readers be intrigued to know more about your theme.


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