Why us?

The business of providing online essays is a tough and treacherous one. And that goes for both customers and writers. The writers for those other outfits are paid very low rates, as little as $1 per single-spaced page. And if the writer makes a mistake, they have to work off the "penalty" by writing for free.

And since it is easy to start a new website business, most of the writing services out there just hire the cheapest writers they can, attract as many customers as they can with the cheapest rates, and then pass the worst sort of "Engrish" junk  to  the  customer. By the time that deeply unfortunate
person realizes what has happened, the company has either decamped entirely and sprouted somewhere else like a weed, or simply refuses to refund anything.

They might even threaten to tell your school about your attempt to purchase a paper from them — which is a good reason to make sure they never know where you are enrolled. Actually, for some of these outfits, it is dangerous to even tell them your real name.

By contrast, our writers here at Essaybox.org are all experienced enough to know that re-writing is integral to professional academic essay-writing.

That's why it is so important to give them as much time as you can by ordering as early as you can.

Of course, we can write any paper in surprisingly little amount of time — overnight work is routine around here — but the lack of time necessarily means less time for re-reading and editing.

It's not that typos will get through — typos are the easiest things to spot. It's just that some subtleties of the topic will not be explored in depth. Associations that can only become clear with enough time go unmentioned and unnoticed — not only by the writer, but by the instructor too.

By that we mean that here at Essaybox.org, we not only educate our customers, we educate their instructors too.

And that's what makes us the best on the Web.

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