5 Most Impressive Advantages of E-learning

November 2, 2020

Last Updated on November 2, 2020


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In the 21st century, many spheres of human life are increasingly becoming digital: work, entertainment, communication, shopping, healthcare, and learning is no exception. The inefficient and sluggish construction of traditional learning is now falling under the waves of the informational revolution, with the E-learning coming to take its place.

Let us review what E-learning has to offer to a modern-day learner and why it is better than traditional forms of education.    

It helps us stay competitive. In the quickly changing world, where even the change is not constant (it is speeding up), it is vital to stay competitive by making learning an ongoing process during our whole lives. This is something drastically new to the old generations and the old system of education. They cannot keep up with the speed of changes and to adjust conventional educational courses to satisfy the hunger for education among the young generation as well as modern-day office workers. E-learning is the solution that offers a self-paced education, quickly adapts to the changing environment (e.g. offers mobile users education on the move), and saves money and time.

It saves money. As compared to traditional learning, E-learning is cost-effective as it saves money on commuting and travel, course materials, hardcover book costs, trainers, and accommodation. When it comes to the low-income population, the cost of traditional education especially in prestigious colleges has always been a huge barrier. Online education is significantly more affordable than traditional, and often it is free of charge. Many famous colleges, like MIT, have made huge volumes of their educational materials, including lectures available for free on their websites. The digitalization of education demonetized it.

It is flexible and personalized. With E-learning you are in charge of your educational process: you can select the speed at which your education goes and can focus on particular topics while skipping others where you feel you already have an edge. Remember the old traditional classes where professors often had to slow down the speed of presenting their academic material to adapt to the slow-learners in your class? Now modern online courses let you take your own pace of education, customize it to your needs. In case you are a busy person, have work to do, kids to grow, you can take the online courses whenever you want: in the evenings, on weekends.

It is available for more people. Once something becomes digitized, more people can have access to it. E-learning is no exception to this rule. Now with easy access to free online courses, virtually anyone and anywhere in the world with a smartphone in their pocket can instantly get free access to high-quality education. Essentially what is happening is that new information technologies are democratizing education.

It saves the environment. E-learning dramatically reduces the costs of educational materials (no more paper, accommodation expenses including electricity, water, etc.) and takes away the need for commuting and traveling to remote locations. This has a positive impact on the environment as less traveling means less CO2 gasses emission into the atmosphere    

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