Money Back Policy

Last updated March 26, 2019

We value our clients and appreciate your trust. Therefore, our Money Back Policy is designed to ensure you are paying for high quality services and receive a Product you are satisfied with. Below is the full list of conditions, under which you can receive a refund.

I want to cancel my order

In case you contact the support team by any available communication channel and inform them you would like to cancel your order before a writer starts working on it, you can receive a full refund. Please, note that, in case the writer has begun working on your order, a full refund will not be possible. However, you will still be able to get a partial compensation. The amount that may be returned to you depends on how much the writer has completed by the time of your refund request. Please note that if your order has been completed, it cannot be canceled.

I made a double-payment

In case you accidentally pay twice for the same order, we can return the full amount of the second payment upon your request. We can also add it to your account balance on the website if you choose to. We encourage you to check each of your PayPal transactions when you pay for your orders and report any issues to the support team as soon as you identify them.

I placed two identical orders

If you place two duplicate orders and pay for both by mistake, make sure to contact the support as soon as possible to let us know. Please, note that the decision to cancel an order that has been paid for should be made by you. If we do not receive a clarification from you promptly, we will assume that you need two papers written by two different writers and both orders will be processed as separate ones.

If no writer has been found

Although hundreds of writers are available on a regular basis, we may still not be able to find an available writer who is qualified to complete your assignment. This may sometimes happen with technical orders and large papers needed at short notice. Please, note that such orders are of top priority to us and we will normally do everything to get a suitable writer to work on your assignment. However, if the company is not able to find a writer for you, you are entitled to a full refund.

My order is late

We have a well-developed time control system for our writers, which helps us provide our clients with their orders on time. However, if, for any reason, your paper is made available for you to review after your deadline has passed and you do not need the paper anymore, you are entitled to a full refund.

This policy does not apply to orders that were not paid in full, orders you did not provide instructions for, and orders waiting for your response. This is why it is crucial that you provide us with your contact information so that we can notify you about any urgent issues as soon as possible.

If your order is late but you have some more time and would like to use the paper, we can extend the order deadline, recalculate the price based on the new deadline, and refund the difference. Also, please note that, in case the money for your has been refunded, you have no right to use the Product in any way as it will belong to the company.

The revision of my paper was late

We always try to make sure your order is completed slightly sooner. Therefore, we encourage you to monitor your email notifications and check the preview at your earliest convenience after the completed paper becomes available to submit a revision request as soon as possible. If, however, you made a revision request in advance and the revised paper was not available before your deadline, you can request a refund. The amount of the refund will be evaluated in each particular case.

I am not happy with the quality of the paper

If the paper does not meet your instructions and you do not think the writer is capable of producing what you expect of him or her, please inform the support and they will offer you a free revision or reassign the order to another writer.

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the paper you receive, you may request a free revision or ask for a different writer to be assigned to your order. If you find none of the options suitable, you can request a refund. Please, note that your request will be transferred to the dispute department only if we receive a substantial proof from you. The amount of the refund will be evaluated in each particular case based on the quality assessment by a professional editor. You will be entitled to either a partial or a full refund depending on the issue that occurred.

Please, note that if you receive a full refund on any order, the Product will no longer belong to you and the company reserves the right to distribute the content of the Product at its own discretion, which may include publishing it online for marketing purposes.

Refund requests for any reasons besides those mentioned above will be declined.